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If you have questions or comments, the best way to communicate with the OpenSteer community is to post a message at the Open Discussion forum. (Free SourceForge registration is required to post there, members can monitor the forum to get email notifications of new posts.)  You can also subscribe to a low traffic mailing list for announcements about OpenSteer.

Alternately you can send email to the author who will pass it along to the forum.  If your message is not appropriate for the public forum please indicate that clearly at the beginning of your email.


OpenSteer was initially developed by Craig Reynolds beginning in 2002 at the Research and Development group of Sony Computer Entertainment America. We wish to acknowledge the support of SCEA, SCEI and in particular these executives who had the foresight to release this code as open source for all to use: Shin'ichi Okamoto, Masa Chatani and Dominic Mallinson.

After OpenSteer's source code was first released on May 1, 2003 a group of dedicated volunteers quickly formed and began to extend the system. Ports to Windows and Mac OS X were contributed within 24 hours! Today we continue to discuss, test and improve OpenSteer. To contribute, or to just listen in, please visit the Open Discussion forum. Logo
Last modified: October 25, 2004

Here is a partial list of those who have contributed to OpenSteer, sorted roughly by the amount and "freshness" of their contributions: Bjoern Knafla (bknafla), Nick Porcino (meshula), Ben Forsyth (bforsyth), Dominik (inikofdoom), Paul (spanneradmin), Kris Hauser (kkhauser), Leaf Garland (leaf), Stefan Moises (beffy), Bruce Mitchener (brucem), Maciej Sinilo (yarpen), Michael Holm (gizwiz), Richard Cannock (perambulator).  Let us know of any omissions from this list.